Sultan of Brunei has more than 7000 Luxury Cars!

Hassanal Bolkiah owns over 7000 supercars worth 5 billion dollars is the Sultan of Brunei and also has a collection of F1 race cars.
BMW 7 series and 2 Mercedes outside the Palace

According to incomplete statistics from the Daily Mirror, in the Sultan of Brunei's garage there are roughly 604 Rolls Royce, 574 Mercedes - Benz, 452 Ferraris, 382 Bentleys, 209 BMWs, 129 Jaguars, multiple Koenigseggs, 21 Lamborghinis, 11 Aston Martins, 21 McLaren F1 and an SSC. The big question is...has he driven them all???

With 604 Rolls Royce, Hassanal Bolkiah has bought approximately half of all Roll Royce being sold in the market from 1990 to 2000. He also paid $14 million for a custom gold plated Rolls Royce Silver Spur Limo pictured below.

The $14 million dollar Rolls Royce. Bit much if you ask us!
The only Jaguar XJ220 to be designed by Pininfarina 

 A super rare Ferrari FXX
The CLK GTR. Now considered one of the most desirable Mercedes ever

Author: The Phi Tran